All India Council of Computer Education Trust has been registered under the Public Charitable Trust Act 1882 under section 17 vide Reg. No.3662/IV from Govt. of India N.C.T., Delhi, working in different fields of Programme & Commercial training conducted by the State Government & Central Government to approach every class of the society. Trust is also certified by ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Organisation

The organization has its spread in so many states of the country including Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, West Bengal, Uttrakhand, Assam, Punjab, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Delhi. The uniqueness of the Organizations lies in its reach to the grassroots level, which also provides excellent opportunity for placement and growth.

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Our Courses

Computer Courses


Our Computer Courses provide you with the Skills and knowledge to help you step into any Networking, Programming and Technical Career .....

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Fashion Designing


Fashion Designing Courses focus on building groundwork in terms of conceptualization, research, design sense and individual artistic expression......

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Beautician Course


Our diploma in professional beautician course enables you to work as a manifested beautician across the globe. This course includes theory and practical .....

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Agriculture Course


This course introduces students to the fundamentals of cattle management including husbandry, breeding, production, feed lots, herds.....

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NTT Course


This diploma course is indispensable if one is planning a career as a nursery teacher. The development and learning of young children .....

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Spoken English


Spoken English courses are available at a range of levels and are designed to develop your speaking, listening and pronunciation .....

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Health Care Course


Diploma-level health courses in nursing, caregiving, and diseases and disorders. The skills and understanding needed to high-demand.......

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Tourism & Hospitality


This course Focuses on the different facets of the hospitality industry including Travel and tourism, Leisure industry, restaurants....

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Security Course


This programme is to enhance knowledge, skills and awareness among the students in the field of Industrial related safety........

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Electronics Course


Electronics course builds on the skills and knowledge gained in Electronics Equipment Repair complex electronic test equipment......

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Fire & Safety


The Fireman to the pollution in chemical industry as well security along with infrastructure field, Govt., business firms........

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Logistics Course


Logistics courses are often taken by those wanting to work in product placement and goods distribution. Certification.......

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